Parcel A, Norwood, Colorado - 80 acres - $295,000 - SOLD

View from the northern third of the parcel, overlooking the pond. Lone Cone mountain is in the right upper part of the view.

Plenty of elk and deer frequent the property.

Parcel size: 80 acres MOL. Frontage on county road. The property is approximately 40 miles from Telluride, a skiing haven favored by celebrities and ski fans. 1 acre lots in or close to Telluride are sold for around $1 million, so Norwood is a great option for being close enough to this ski mecca, but far enough to get much better value for the money.

Home site possibilities: Purchaser's choice. No deed restrictions by seller. Stand-alone parcel, so there will be no home-owners asociation. There are two high-ground possibilities with beautiful views of Lone Cone mountain. There are also home site possibilities right at the county road on flat pasture land.

Parcel uses: This parcel has an incredible number of possible and diverse uses. There is plenty of pasture on the south end of the property for horses and cattle. There is a creek and pond, along with plenty of aspen trees, in the middle part of the parcel for romantic relaxation by the water. Wildlife watchers and hunting enthusiasts will love the northern part of the parcel with an aspen tree and pine forest that borders the National Forest. There is an existing rough dirt road at the northern end which leads to the Uncohmpagre National Forest.

Asking Price: $295,000
Possession Date: Negotiable

Click on any picture below to enlarge the photo for greater detail (all photos were taken on the property in May 2005). Click on the following links for a map of property and Norwood, to read more about the Norwood and Telluride area, and to check for other parcels for sale. The property is between mile 12 and mile 13 marker on Lone Cone Road.

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Photo taken at the front of the parcel. There is plenty of pasture for horses and cattle. A small creek runs through a part of the parcel front.

View from the front (southern) part of the parcel, overlooking Lone Cone Mountain and pasture land. This picture was taken at the possible homesite (picture of the site follows next).

Possible high-ground homesite in the front third of the parcel. Previous picture shows the view of Lone Cone mountain and front of the property, as seen from this site.

View of the creek, looking from the front third of the parcel to the northern part of the parcel.

View of the creek and forest from the northern part of the parcel. There are wonderful spots for walking and relaxing in your own part of natural heaven.

View of the pond, looking to the north. Wildlife comes to drink at the pond and from the creek. This makes for great viewing spots.

Another possible homesite, very private, in the northern part of the parcel. The National Forest is very close by, just to the North of this site. Lone Cone mountain can be seen from this high-ground site.

There are plenty of aspen trees on the northern half of the property.

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Property is listed as for sale by owner. Broker enquiries are welcome.